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Janu Basti

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A reservoir is built around the knee joints and filled with warm medicated oil. This is followed by a brief massage of the area. This is a special treatment and relieves pain in the knee joint. It is a local procedure to be performed on knee joints. The term “Janu-Basti” consists of two words i.e., […]


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ABHYANGA (Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage) A whole body luxurious warm oil massage with specific ayurvedic herbal oils Nourish and revitalize the body tissues (Dhatus) Toxins are removed from the cells It has much deeper and long lasting healing effects by naturally harmonizing Body – Mind & Spirit. This massage is performed symmetrically by two therapists […]

Ojus Inch Loss

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Ojus Inch Loss

OJUS INCH LOSS Toning & Fat Reduction will shed 4-9 inches off in the first 30 minutes treatment AND at least a full clothing size after 10 treatments. In as little as 3 weeks, OJUS INCH LOSS treatments and Age-Defy facials will literally erase many of the signs of aging; wrinkles, fine lines, sagging jowls and chin, loose […]

Age Defy facial

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The micro current has been proven to tighten and contour the skin and its underlying tissues by accelerating collagen and elastin production. Stimulates collagen and elastin production Restores plumpness and elasticity Improves circulation Regenerates injured tissue Revitalizes skin color Stimulates the wound healing process Softens scar tissue Improves facial colour and brightens darker skin tones […]

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